Our Story

Bringing together the incredible songs of one of rock's greatest arena bands of the 80's - Foreigner!  Experience the rock ballads Waiting for a Girl Like You, I Want to Know What Love Is, with rock classics Cold as Ice, Urgent, Hot Blooded, Feels Like the First Time and SO MANY MORE!
Bruce Bennett - Lead Guitars & Backing Vocals
Bruce Bennett... Is no stranger to the New England Music Scene. He has worked with thousands of musicians and bands doing recording, mastering, live sound, producing and duplication.  As a businessman and entrepreneur, many musicians know Bruce as the owner of  New England’s largest CD and DVD factory - Superdups / New England Compact Disc.  These  Companies have  manufactured over 30,000 CD orders for bands and artists including local favorites Godsmack, Staind, Recycled Percussion, WBCN, Brad Delp & Barry Goudreau and countless more.As a musician, he has played with several local cover and national bands including Witch Bonnie, Star Collector, Jet City and The Gary Hoey Band. With the latter, Bruce toured as the fourth guitarist on the Stars of Guitars tour with Gary Hoey, Craig Chaquico, and Vernon Reid. One of his favorite musical accomplishments was doing the soundtrack for Sony’s Playstation Nascar Racing, which was an audio hit and sold over 600,000 copies worldwide.

As a sound architect, Bruce conceptualized, designed and invented Clear Channel / Live Nation’s  Instant Live Concert Series, where a band would play a live show that was recorded on the spot,  and CDs of that show were ready for purchase at the end of the show, within minutes.  Between 2002 - 2008 over 700 titles were recorded and released, from National acts like The Allman Brothers,  KISS, Peter Frampton, Jewel, The Black Crowes, Hall & Oats, Phil Lesh of The Grateful Dead, Charlie Daniels and many many more.  One of his favorite memories was mixing and recording KISS live for several shows during their 2004 world tour.

Joe McMahon - Drums & Backing Vocals
Joe has been a part of the Boston music scene for almost thirty years playing with various coverbands including YBU, Society's Child and most recent and well known Jet City! Joe has loved the music of Foreigner since he first heard them as a kid and is proud to be part of a tribute band with some of the areas best musicians that plays the very best of Foreigner.

Dave Clark - Lead Vocals

Rich McMahon - Keyboards & Backing Vocals
Rich is one of New England's favorite Keyboard/Vocalist in the cover band music scene. He is also an accomplished singer/songwriter/composer with over 35,000 fans worldwide. His songs are on ITunes and gaining popularity. Rich has been a lead member in various projects throughout his music career, which include The Shop and Razen Kayne to just name a couple. Rich is the first call with many New England bands contact lists.

Joe Pettengill - Bass Guitar & Backing Vocals
Joe has been an active musician for over 35 years. Having toured the eastern seaboard throughout his career, Joe has thousands of gigs under his belt. He has toured and recorded with many talented musicians and most recently with Captured-The Journey Show. Joe is proudly endorsed by Sadowsky Guitars and Genz Benz Amplification and even though Joe's main instrument is Bass Guitar, he is also a talented Guitarist and Keyboardist. You can check out more about Joe on his website at www.joeykun.com

Bob Bouchard - Front House Engineer and Production Manager
Bob Bouchard is a 30-plus year veteran of the New England music scene. His humble beginnings were as a musician, which eventually led to his passion for live mixing. For many years Bob was the owner/operator of a sound and lighting company providing production to regional acts. Bob also paid his dues as a house sound engineer and production manager at local venues as he continued to build his skills and reputation. Today Bob is a sought-after FOH sound engineer and continues his mixing passion as Cold as Ice's FOH engineer and production manager. He also covers freelance projects with AE Event Systems supporting national acts with duties as an A1, FOH and monitor engineer.